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Contact One of Our Dedicated Account Managers and Learn how to Save by Buying Your OCE or Ricoh Toner in Bulk

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There are many reasons business savvy people order from Be Green Ink. Some come to us because of our comprehensive selection, others because we ship for free. Many come to us because we offer our 100 percent OEM compatible Eco Series line with a three year warranty. Still, other choose us because we offer environmentally friendly products. We would like to offer a few tips to keep your office environmentally friendly.

There really are a lot of environmentally friendly cleaning products on the market. For example, use Nature Clean next time you wipe the toner spill off the desk. The cost for these products have gone down and in some cases are cheaper than the toxic cleaning products. They are certainly more healthy.

Next time you hold a lunch meeting, order eco-friendly foods for the attendees. We are not implying you go vegan here, just cut out some meat and offer a few more vegetables. This eco-friendly advice also is a great way to keep your employees a little more healthy. Perhaps this idea might inspire a few to make wholesale nutritional changes.

Ask the coffee drinkers in your office to bring their own cups. This frees you to stop ordering those styrofoam cups. Also, consider buying fair trade or organic coffee.

Buying items in bulk is yet another good way to become environmentally friendly. Not only will you reduce waste by using less packaging, buying in bulk saves you money. In fact, you can save money on toner buy buying in bulk. Contact one of our dedicated account managers and learn how to save by buying your OCE or Ricoh toner in bulk. 

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