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Print This!! Why Going Green Isn’t so bad

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Saving valuable natural resources is important to everyone! We couldn’t agree with you more, here at Be Green Ink. Our focus is not just on our products, but it’s also a part of our lives. It’s important to preserve our planets in every way possible. We believe in fighting the good fight, to provide our customers with our 100 percent recycled, Eco Series cartridges. Our Xerox, Brother and Ricoh toners, have a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for all of our ECO Series products.

You can contribute too! There are things we do in today’s world, that help us take protective measures in saving our precious, natural eco system. Several people everyday, take the time to put their plastic bottles into a recycling bin to help fight against the waste and pollution across the globe! We use energy saving light bulbs to conserve electricity; we recycle our cans, phones and batteries.Taking those few extra steps will help us in our conservation of our planet.

Let us contribute to your cause today. We carry ECO Series 100 percent OEM compatible KIP, Oce, Lexmark, Ricoh and Xerox toner. Our ECO Series cartridges carry a 3-year warranty for our 100% OEM compatible products. Shop at a fraction of the cost when buying your toner. We are here to serve you, with any question you may have. We know what calling in and talking to 50 different representatives feels like! We customize our accounts, with professional & experienced account managers. Our distribution centers carry over 30,000 brand name office supplies. Contact us today to find out more!

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