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Why make the switch to eco-friendly Lexmark toner?

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When the printing press was first invented, there was a certain joy in just purchasing a newspaper.  However, with the advance of printing technology and the accessibility of printers constantly on the rise, the need for more and more has made the ability to safely discard or smartly manufacture cartridges a forgotten necessity.  

About two quarts of petroleum is necessary to produce just one toner cartridge, and it takes over 1,000 years to decompose! That's more than 10 lifetimes, just so we can print cat memes and classroom worksheets.  Although the importance of a clean environment has often been overlooked due to the importance of printing, at Be Green Ink, we've got the best of both worlds.

Our goal has always been to provide every customer with an affordable option for Xerox, KIP, and Lexmark toner, just to name a few.  However, we also make an entire line of Eco Series toners available so we can enjoy a clean earth and our printers.  All of our Eco Series cartridges are 100% compatible with the original equipment manufacturer and come with a 3 year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

So why should you make the switch?  With the affordable price and the knowledge that you are doing your part, we think the better question is-- Why not?

Browse through our selection today and see why our customers love us!

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