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Eco Friendly Guaranteed KIP Toner

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In today’s day and age printing is mostly Business cards, Company letterheads, direct mailing advertisements, company business brochures all pretty much a standard practice for most companies today. It used to be that everything would be piped down through to your local print shops and office supply stores.

In some cases that is still the main focus, however there are several industries that require a wider format printing solutions. Many engineer’s, architects, construction firms, advertising agencies and many other graphic studio niches use a standard format of prints greater than 17” wide and often they are larger being greater than 36”. Some examples of designs produced using KIP Toner are often ran on large format printing machines that will print landscaping plans, product specifications & engineering plans to name a few.

For jobs that big you are going to need a steady supply for your printing needs. We offer KIP Toner for several models and for all your printing needs. If you have a HP, Brother, Xerox and Ricoh Toner and you are looking for a product that not only provides up to a 3 year life expectancy but is also 100% compatible with the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for these brands, you want to make sure and find a product that is ECO friendly and guaranteed. We provide that service for you! We take the work out of searching endlessly for the best deal and the best pricing on toner.

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