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Help the Environment by Using Our Eco Friendly Eco Series Oce Toner

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Offices of all sizes can save money and appeal to the green consumers by minimizing their impact on the environment. There are steps that all companies can take to go green at the workplace. Here are a few examples.

When it’s time to purchase new office equipment, look for those items that have the Energy Star label. Energy Star is a voluntary program implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency that labels equipment that uses less energy than the standard models. Many of these products also employ other energy saving features. For example, there are printers that print on both sides of the page, thus saving paper.

There are many ways to power down your electronics at work when not in use. Make sure to completely turn off your computer at the end of the day instead of letting it sleep all night. If you are rushing off for a little break, make sure your computer is in sleep mode. Also, don’t forget to shut down printers and monitors at the end of the day.

Your company can be more green by utilizing telecommuting tools. Minimize business travel by implementing Skype or other meeting software. Companies utilizing fleets will be greener if at least a few of their company vehicles were hybrids or completely electric.

Encourage employees to bike to work or find alternate ways to get to and from work. You can go as far as to coordinate car pools or offer incentives to those who cut down on personal travel.

Another way to help the environment is by utilizing our Eco Series Toner Cartridges. So next time you order your Oce toner, you are being green.

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