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If You Utilize the KIP 700 and Need OEM Toner, We Just Happen to Carry That

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The KIP 700 series is one of the best valued multifunctional systems on the market. It features touch screen controls in color that are easy to understand and use. In an attempt to woo the environmentally conscious consumer, the KIP 700 utilizes all the toner so there is no waste. The high definition print technology coupled with engineering prowess, the KIP produces fast and very accurate copies. We are talking 600 x 600 DPI when copying, printing or scanning.

The KIP 700 is rated as an Energy Star compliant and features sleep modes that enable you to adjust the amount of electricity used when sitting idle. It is definitely an environmentally friendly machine.

The touch screen is relatively easy to understand and very user-friendly. From the screen you can re-size images, set the number of prints and view images before they are even printed. This last feature is handy as it saves time and limits the amount of paper wasted.

There are also impressive security features. The KIP 700 enables you to schedule monthly, weekly or daily securely overwrites of previous data. All remnants of image data is permanently deleted.

The complete web interface and software will accurately generate all your reports on demand. These reports can be done in Excel format and then sent right to your PC or even your cell phone. The KIP 700 is definitely a copier that will give you years of exceptional service.

If you utilize the KIP 700 and need OEM toner, we just happen to carry that. Visit our website and utilize our quick toner search feature.  

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