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Next Time You Order Toner for that Lexmark, Know You are Getting a Great Product with a Great Warranty

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Let’s just stop what we are doing right now and talk a little bit about warranties. You see, when a company stands by a product, they give you a warranty. This basically means if the product fails or just does not at least equal your expectations, you will receive either a replacement, refund or credit. Most often, these warranties are great until the day after they expire. This is because we all know that products will perform perfectly until the warranty expires. The reason this happens, is because most warranties are too short. You can always opt to buy more warranty options. That is, many companies offer extended warranties but only at an extended price.

In our opinion, this is not really fair to the consumer. It’s almost like paying for a cool option on a car, but the option does nothing. You know, you pay an extra $100 for a pretty red button on your dash that does nothing when you push it. If you really stand by your product, give a warranty that matters. And don’t charge people for it.

At Be Green Ink, we offer a three year warranty on our Eco Series toners. This means that you have peace of mind from your toner for the next 36 months. We also warrant that our products will not damage your print head or printing mechanism when stored, installed and used with our recommended procedures. You would be hard-pressed to find a three year warranty on your printer. So, next time you order toner for that Lexmark, know you are getting a great product with a great warranty.  

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